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Auto Insurance

from Allco Fullerton Insurance Agency, Inc.

Auto Insurance

If you’re thinking about purchasing a new vehicle, you may have already learned that you cannot drive it off the lot without auto insurance, which covers cars and trucks for personal use. Likewise, you may be aware that your state legally requires auto insurance or mandates that you are held liable for damages or injuries in the event of an accident. 

Having an auto insurance policy for your vehicle makes sense in light of that information. Not only does it keep you from violating the law in most states, but it also can keep you from losing your personal assets in the event of an accident where you are found to be at fault or where you yourself require extensive medical care. 

There are various types of auto insurance available, depending on your unique situation: 

  • Liability insurance: It provides coverage for medical and other expenses if you are at fault in an accident and injure someone in another vehicle or a pedestrian. This insurance also covers property damaged with your vehicle, including other vehicles and non-vehicle property.
  • No-fault liability insurance: As the name implies, this coverage applies regardless of who is deemed at fault in an accident. It covers your medical expenses as well as those of your passengers. 
  • Collision insurance: It reimburses you if your car becomes damaged or is totaled after an accident. 
  • Comprehensive insurance: It offers further coverage from vandalism, theft, and damage from natural disasters, such as fires, floods, or hurricanes. 

Some auto insurance policies also cover your legal expenses if you have to go to court as the result of an accident. They may even cover loss of life. 

Give Allco Fullerton Insurance Agency, Inc. a call today to talk about your auto insurance needs. Don’t risk driving without the coverage you need, whether to be legal on the road or to give you the peace of mind that comes with knowing you’re properly protected.

We have hundreds of auto insurance products at our disposal, so we can match you with the perfect policy for your vehicle and lifestyle. We’ll want to know about the driving history and habits of anyone who will be operating the vehicle, the value of the vehicle and if it’s being financed, and where you live and will garage the vehicle. 

We’ll also help you find a premium that fits your budget, with a deductible that works for you. The deductible is the amount you would pay in the event of a claim before your insurance kicks in. 

Our goal is to make sure you’re legal with regard to state auto insurance laws and that you have a plan in case your car is not drivable for a period, so you have minimal disruption to your life. Reach out at 714-992-2390 and let us know how we can put your mind at ease. 

We are proud to say we are a Dave Ramsey Endorsed Local Provider (ELP).