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Have You Felt Them?

    As of Monday morning, February 12th, California was struck by 13 earthquakes in a span of just 25 minutes! From San Diego to Yuma, Arizona, people reported feeling the ground shake, with most of the tremors being recorded in two towns close to San Diego, El Centro and Imperial. On Friday, February 9th, a preliminary-magnitude 4.6 earthquake struck the Malibu area in the afternoon and was felt throughout much of the greater Los Angeles area. According to the geologists, the San Jacinto fault system might be responsible for this recent swarm of earthquakes, as its one of America's most active. 

    Events like these can serve as a reminder for those who do not have Earthquake insurance to look for coverage today! It's critical to understand that your existing Homeowners policy does not cover damage from an earthquake! 

Why You Need Earthquake Insurance:

A homeowners policy protects you from fire, wind, theft, and plumbing damage, but you still risk losing your home to an earthquake. Without Earthquake Insurance, there is a severe gap in your home coverage. 

An earthquake policy will help you to rebuild fast, provide additional living expenses, and protect your broader financial stability in your time of greatest need. Review the top reasons why you should make the decision to purchase Earthquake Insurance now to be able to go home sooner: 

ONE CUP OF COFFEE | Some protection is better than none. If affordability is a concern, you can choose a policy that covers only the dwelling with a higher deductible and a convenient payment plan to lower cost. Protect your home for less than a daily cup of coffee. 

MISSING COVERAGE | You own a home in one of the most seismically active regions in the nation, yet you do not have coverage for earthquake damage with your homeowners policy. 

SAVE YOUR KEY ASSET | Your home equity continues to grow while the risk of a devastating earthquake increases too. Are you prepared to lose all of your hard-earned equity in an instant? 

REBUILD & REPLACE | If you experience a total loss, can you afford to rebuild? When a devastating quake strikes, can you also afford to replace your belongings, find another place to live, or pay off your existing loans?

GO HOME SOONER | Having earthquake insurance can get you back into your home months faster (than not having insurance) because contractors prefer to work with earthquake insurance clients first. 

RETIREMENT GOALS | Will you rely on your growing home equity to provide financial stability in your golden years? Avoid dipping into your retirement savings to recover after an earthquake; buy insurance now. 

FEMA IS NOT AN OPTION | The federal government will not bail you out. Standard homeowners policies do not cover earthquake damage, and FEMA grants don’t take the place of earthquake insurance. 

EXPECT THE UNEXPECTED | Many homeowners think an earthquake will never hit their neighborhood; until it does. Recent history has taught us that a catastrophe can strike anywhere at any time. Earthquake risk is just as real as other unexpected perils like wildfire.

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