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Mature driver discount for automobile insurance

You are probably one of many who are reviewing your automobile insurance policy available discounts list and noticed "Mature Driver" discount.  You think to yourself, "I'm mature, right?!?"

If you are a licensed driver and 55 years and older, you can attend a "Mature Driver Improvement Program" which will provide a refresher course on various topics such as:

*  Defensive driving.

*  California motor vehicle laws.

*  Updates on rules of the road.

*  The effects that medication, fatigue, alcohol, visual, or auditory limitations have on a person's driving ability.

*  And more...

The California Department of Insurance website has more information regarding this course, mainly the list of authorized vendors.  Check it out at

Once you attend this course, you will receive a certificate that you can use to submit to your insurance company in order to apply the "Mature Driver" discount.  This discount varies by company, so you'll want to consult with your insurance agent in order to determine what your specific discount works out to be.  Call us at 714.992.2390 

This discount can be included within 3 years of completion, at which point you should complete another course to continue the discount.

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